Virtually Tour a Maryland Aviation Museum

nose and propeller of an antique plane at an aviation museum

Preserving Maryland’s rich aviation and aerospace history, the Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum features an impressive aircraft collection that spans decades. While the museum is only a short drive from our community, it also allows aviation buffs to explore from home. Here is some of what you can discover from our Jessup apartments:

McDonnell F4-C Phantom II

Used for close air support and counter-air operations, the F4-C Phantom II first began flying in 1963. The museum’s plane saw service in Europe during the Cold War and was later retired for ballistics testing. The aircraft reached a maximum speed of 1,400 miles per hour and carried 58,000 pounds when fully loaded. 

Republic F-105G Thunderchief 

Delivered to the Tactical Air Command in 1958, the Thunderchief was an all-weather fighter capable of supersonic speed. Some flew over Vietnam, while others served with the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing based in Korat, Thailand. Nicknamed “Thud,” the plane carried one pilot and one radar operator. Through a grant, the museum restored the plane to its original Vietnam War configuration and markings of Lieutenant Colonel Don Carson.  

Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk 

A two-seater, the Skyhawk served as an aggressor aircraft with the Navy’s Top Gun program. Highly skilled instructors piloted the plane against Top Gun participants. It cost $860,000 to build and was in service from 1969 to 2003. Over the years, it earned many nicknames, including Scooter, Mighty Mite, and Heinemann’s Hot Rod. The museum’s plane has been on display since retiring and is painted as a Top Gun aggressor. 

After learning about this impressive Maryland aviation museum, discover the lions and penguins at the Maryland Zoo. If you would like to call The Elms at Shannon’s Glen home, contact us. We’ll schedule a virtual tour so you can see all the amenities our luxury apartments in Jessup, MD have to offer.

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