Stroll Through The Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens

a butterfly on a flower

An easy, 30-minute drive from our Jessup apartments is a stunning destination that’s always in bloom. 

We’re talking about the Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens, and it dates back to 1888.

The conservatory opened to a well-received crowd of about 300 visitors. Today, it’s the county’s second oldest steel framed-and-glass building still in use. 

The Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens features distinct environments that display plants from around the world. Highlights include:

Desert Greenhouse

Step inside the Desert Greenhouse to learn about the plants that endure the harsh and arid conditions of the desert. These plants survive temperatures up to 125 degrees. With little to no rain, they must make special adaptations to survive. Highlights include yucca shrubs and water-storing succulents such as cacti and sansevieria. 

Orchid Room

One in ten of the Earth’s plant species is an orchid. The Orchid Room features over 30,000 orchid species and more than 100,000 registered hybrids. They’re colorful and are typically only displayed during their blooming period. 

Palm House

The Palm House takes everyone on a journey to the Victorian era. During this time, Victorians enjoyed exploring and collecting. These fascinations led to the construction of glass, iron, and wooden buildings which displayed the plants from their worldwide travels. 

Outdoor Gardens 

Explore the outdoor gardens to see a multi-faceted sundial from the 1800s. It records time for cities such as Baltimore, London, and Rio de Janeiro. The time on the dial is not in sync with today’s clocks. That’s because before standard time was enacted, people used solar time. Today, the dial can be off by close to two hours. 

The Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens is just one of the premier attractions near our apartments in Jessup, Maryland. If you would like to call our community home, please contact us. We will gladly arrange a private tour where you can see everything we have to offer. 

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