Check Out the National Postal Museum Online

A magnifying glass laying on a stamp collection from the National Postal Museum

The National Postal Museum is the Smithsonian’s hidden gem. Anyone who has visited the museum will tell you it’s an experience you don’t want to miss. And now, you don’t need to leave our luxury apartments in Howard County, MD to enjoy the Postal Museum! Our favorite virtual resources from the National Postal Museum include:

Virtual Tours

The Postal Museum is one of many museums now offering virtual tours. Powered by Google Arts & Culture, this interactive adventure is a gorgeous and user-friendly experience. This tool allows you to virtually walk through the museum halls with a 360-degree view. Pass by historic delivery vehicles, witness statues of postal service heroes, and enjoy fascinating exhibits.

Virtual Exhibitions

For a more in-depth look at the aforementioned exhibits, check out the virtual exhibition page. Here, you’ll find detailed write-ups on some of the museum’s past and present exhibits. These include Women in Stamps, Lunar New Year Postage, and The Black Experience. These exhibits will lead you down many trails of postal history and give you a new appreciation for the postal service.

The Collections

If you want to delve into everything the museum has to offer, you can search the collections. Browse all the museum objects with an interface that will teach you all about each artifact, including what it is and its origins. The Collections include everything on and out of display. You’ll undoubtedly be stunned by all the unique stamps, heartfelt letters, and more. Viewing so many never-exhibited items will make you feel like a curator.

For more virtual museum fun, check out the National Cryptologic Museum. If you’d like to join our apartments in Jessup, MD, contact us to schedule a tour. 

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