Virtually Learn About Famous Maryland Residents

The exterior of Edgar Allen Poe's house - famous Maryland residents

Over the years, many famous people have called Maryland home. Today, you can learn their fascinating stories by virtually exploring historical sites. Our favorite famous Maryland residents with historic tour near our Jessup apartments include:

Clara Barton National Historic Site

Founder of the American Red Cross, Clara Barton led an interesting life. She began her professional career as a teacher before becoming a clerk at the U.S. Patent Office. With a desire to help people, Barton later became an independent nurse during the Civil War. She collected and distributed supplies and first saw combat in Fredericksburg, Virginia, in 1862. Her experiences inspired her to establish the American Red Cross in 1881. Barton died at the age of 90 and called Glen Echo, MD, home for the last fifteen years of her life. Today, the Clara Barton National Historic Site offers a look into her story through multimedia presentations.

Edgar Allan Poe House

Famous American writer Edgar Allan Poe once called Baltimore home. He lived there with his aunt and other family members until he left in 1835. The Baltimore house still features the same floors, stairs, woodwork, and plaster walls that Poe lived within. Enjoy a live virtual tour of the home. The fun includes a guided walk-thru and unique stories about Poe’s mysterious death.

Thomas Stone National Historic Site

Thomas Stone was one of the 56 men to sign the Declaration of Independence. Born in Charles County, Maryland, he rode 10 miles to school on horseback daily. He later became a lawyer and was elected to the Continental Congress in 1774. You can explore this piece of American history with virtual tours of his house, gardens, and family’s cemetery from the comfort of home.

After learning about famous Maryland residents, check out the virtual tours of the National Postal Museum. To call The Elms at Shannon’s Glen home, contact us. We’ll offer a showing, so you can see all that our apartments in Jessup, MD have to offer.

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