Jessup Asian Restaurants with Delivery Services

Chinese food in takeout boxes on a table.

If you’ve been craving Asian food lately, we have good news for you. The best Asian restaurants in Jessup are right around the corner, with everything from cuisines ranging from Vietnamese to Chinese and more. Even better, you don’t have to leave our Jessup apartments here at The Elms at Shannon’s Glen. You can easily order online and enjoy some of the best food Maryland has to offer.

An Loi

An Loi is a restaurant focused on bringing authentic Vietnamese dishes straight to you. They specialize in pho, but also have a variety of delectable noodle dishes. If you’re looking for vegetarian options, they’ve got you covered — add tofu to any dish for a high-protein, filling, and meat-free meal. Through their website, you can not only order takeout or delivery but also take a virtual tour of their quaint and cozy establishment

Hunan Manor

Hunan Manor is a restaurant with a deliciously varied array of Chinese dishes. Enjoy classic favorites like their Szechuan-style cold noodles and crab rangoon. Or, if you’re looking for more exotic options, try their Sesame Ox Stomach and Duck Feet. You’ll quickly discover why they’re one of the best Asian restaurants in Jessup. Place your order through their website for easy delivery.

Mai Dragon

You can be sure you’re getting the best of the best with Mai Dragon. Even better, they have about everything you can imagine. You can try their authentic Cantonese cuisine from their salt and pepper tofu to their pickled cabbage with squid. And if you’re in the mood for sushi, grab a couple rolls or their fresh bento box. Indeed, they have everything from Japanese to Vietnamese to Chinese and more. Order for delivery or takeout through their website, or even order ahead if you’re looking for a treat later.

Once you’ve filled up on all this food, you might want to unwind with the virtual Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Don’t spend forever searching for the best place to stay in Jessup — end your search now at our luxurious Jessup apartments. Contact us today.

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