3 Hair Salons around Jessup

A woman at the hair salon getting her hair styled and blow dried.

When you’re searching for quality service, you’re not looking for simple ways to manage your hair, skin, and nails. Our luxury apartments in Howard County, MD are minutes from high-quality salons with professionals who have studied how to make your hair healthy and beautiful.

Three nearby salons include:

Headline Hair Salon: 6-minute drive

Headline Hair Salon can work on any type of hair, and texture, and any length. All salon services are a la carte, which means you can get exactly what you want or need to be done, and not have to pay for anything else. All stylists are on call and are there when you need them. They are competent in waxing, extensions, and in cutting children’s hair. They also do makeup and hair for special occasions.

Jonathan Markel Salon: 13-minute drive

Jonathan Markel Salon is a multi-cultural hair salon, so they care for all hair types. His goal is to make your hair healthy and minimize hair loss or thinning. Repair, rebuild, and restore is his unofficial motto and it’s what he reminds his stylists every day. Not only will you come out looking great, but you’ll be feeling great with healthy hair.

Marie’s Mane Connection: 6-minute drive

Marie’s Mane Connection is another multi-cultural salon that specializes in a multitude of services. Whether you need extensions, straightening, waxing, or perming, the stylists have you covered. They are hair-doctors, diagnosing your hair type and developing a treatment plan to support your hair back to health. It’s okay to make an appointment without knowing what you want as they will help you figure that out.

These are just a few of the hair salons near our brand-new apartments in Maryland. Contact us if you have any questions about our community.

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